2. Intro to the new book.

  3. New book, buy it through Permanent Sleep, all the pages are perforated so you can take them out and put them on your wall.

  4. Go pick up a copy of Sheet at Urban Outfitters, my photos are in it.

  5. Hey guys,
    Before I make you go read this I just want to mention that I asked them to edit my words before posting this interview because of how shit my grammar is, but on second thought I really want to share my actual words with you so I have posted those under here. It would make me very happy if you had a look and a read, thank you. (Sidenote, I don’t work there anymore so don’t go looking for me.)


    Photo 1 - I have always been traveling a lot, finding new places to live. It took me a very long time to actually have a bed of my own. This photo is of me, jumping in my first bought bed. It was a very strange and uncomfortable moment for me that I wanted to capture.

    Photo 2 - This photograph is of a friend of mine, Mimi. She was the first person I photographed that I felt like every frame I took was a perfect one, she really knows how to convey the feeling I am trying to bring out. At this photoshoot I realized how much that means to me as a photographer, to work with someone who can feel the things I feel. This is taken in a forest in Sweden, no matter where I have lived I have always tried to portray the Scandinavian landscape, even if it’s through lines of the body, or bedsheets, the nature is always present.

    Photo 3 - I have a thing for megalithic monuments, I feel like they tell stories that are very relevant to the mood I am trying to convey. I also want the person and the environment that I am photographing to become interchangeable. I don’t want you to only focus your eyes on her, I want you to see it as a whole, like she is part of this place. Her name is Sofia, and the place is Ales stenar, you can find it in the most southern part of Sweden.

    Photo 4 - This photograph is a self portrait that I took in the apartment where I live now, it was taken two months after I moved home from Canada, and I was struggling with the feeling of staying in one place for a longer time.

    Photo 5 - I started taking photos of beds that I have slept in a very long time ago. Sheets have always reminded me of clouds and empty landscapes. This photograph was taken in New York, 2011.

    Photo 6 - This photograph is taken at a secret spot somewhere. You can’t find it if you don’t know it’s there. This photo exists to remind me that there are places to go that makes me feel home.

    Photo 7 - Manuela is someone that I love to photograph, you see her many times in my photos and that will continue as long as she lets me. She has this fantastic way about her that makes you trust her. In this photo she put her trust in me instead, we stood in my apartment, on my wooden flooring and poured paint all over her. I don’t really like to tell people what to see in photos, but for me I wanted this to remind you of the waves and the ocean.

    Photo 8 - This was taken at a moment of time when I needed to take a self portrait but instead I used Manuela, I didn’t really feel comfortable at the time to be in it myself. It was taken when someone close to me had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, at this time in my life I listened to a lot of organ music and found some kind of calm in it that I really needed, so I decided to project a church window on to a wall that she is then walking through.

  6. Today is a fun day, my photos have landed at Urban Outfitters website, Instagram and Facebook. Over the next three weeks they will alternate between a few, keep those eyes open. There will also be an interview up on their blog. Fun times.

  7. Not my band but definitely my photo. Go have a listen and a buy.

  8. This is Jeff, he is one part of Teenage Kicks. Go buy their new fantastic album, it also has one of my photos on the front.

  9. Old photo that you’re probably sick of seeing, but it’s in colour.

    Chelsea Wolfe.

  11. There is an interview and some photographs of mine featured in the next issue of Mr. Wolf Magazine, keep an eye out.

  13. I have a new website, new domain, new contact info.

    Website, www.mimmijohannatorell.com

    Email, info@mimmijohannatorell.com

    Instagram, johannatorell

  14. I took these photos a long time ago, and here they are.

    You can pick up “Suffer Just To Believe” on Other People Records Spring of 2014.
    Facebook: facebook.com/tradewindband
    Twitter: twitter.com/Tradewindband
    Instagram: TradeWindband

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